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Tim Intro Picture

Hi, I'm Tim

I'm a bow-tie enthusiast; finishing my Media Arts & Animation degree at the Art Institute of Seattle. During my time at the Institute, I discovered that I really enjoy 3D sculpting in ZBrush / Maya, developing character designs in 2D, and story-telling through sequential art.

Creature Creator

Who wouldn't want to be a mad scientist? I have always been fascinated by evolutionary biology, but was never good at memorizing scientific names for all the animals. I was more interested in theoretical creatures such as you would see in speculative fiction: alien worlds and artifical timelines.

Mad Scientist Tim
Tim with Burger

Fast Food Foodie

I swear I'm working on my terrible eating habits! I do love pizza, burgers, french fries and waffle fries but I also really like science fiction and fantasy novels. I enjoy video games, board games, movies, comics and costumes. I also like to collect and craft toys!


This is a work in progress teaser, showing variations for a character design that I am developing for class. The assignment is to partner with another student and create a short animation.

WIP Tease
Coliding Dogs

Failed Hybrid

Chow Chow fusion dance fail. I tried to turn them into a Tibetan Mastiff but the wonder twins failed to activate. (These are my puppies.)