Portfolio of Tim Grey, Artist & Creature Creator


While working as a retail employee at Build-A-Bear, I decided to some mock ups for some ideas that I had for the "Wild Styles" product line. I really like exotic animals and though rainbow versions of their coats were entertaining.

Chow Face Image
Chow Face Image

Sharing Fabrics

I did these concepts as a set of three because the idea was that the African Painted Dog and the Cheetah would share the same rainbow / spotted fabric. I had noticed that many of the products already utilized the same fabrics on different patterns (animals body shapes).

Sharing Patterns

While the Cheetah and the Dog share a fabric, the Cheetah and the Puma share an identical pattern (shape). The Puma also uses a fabric that already exists in the product line, similar to the Color Craze Lion. I wanted to make sure that as I developed these concepts, that they took into consideration the ability to reduce overhead by having multiple uses for design elements.

Chow Face Image