Summoning the Old Ones

After the Narwhal, I wanted to try something bigger and more container-like. After sketching a few different shapes, I leaned on my interests in cephalopods for this project.

Project Art
Project Art

Blocking In

I wanted to have smooth geometry for the inside of the container so I started by making the basic shape in Maya. Compared to ZBrush, Maya is more mathematically precise which allows for better control of your planes and faces.

Diving into ZBrush

I imported the basic cylindrical shape and spherical eyes into ZBrush as subtools. This allowed me to use symmetry to build up the head shape and general silhouette.

Project Art
Project Art


I continued to build up and adjust the shapes until they had a good organic flow to the tentacles and brows. I wanted the tentacles to be defined, but for them to be carried close to the body so that the overall footprint of the container remained compact.


Ran through the prototyping process at different scales using red test filament. This was done to check the output from the obj file for any significant errors. The challenge was to scale the cupplefish large enough to support objects inside it, while still having it fit within the upper limits of the 3D printer.

Project Art

The Whole Shabang

This is a process video that I put together showing the aforementioned steps towards creating the cuttlefish cup I affectionately named, the Cupplefish.

Cupplefish Project Gallery

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