Rice is nice

I started my sushi project by sculpting rice grains onto a flattened cube in Zbrush.

WIP Image
WIP Image

Finding Toppings

I experimented with basic geometric shapes in Maya to find a good starting point for my various toppings.

On the Menu

Some of the toppings could be successfully emulated with basic shapes in Maya. Others had to be taken into Zbrush and finessed. In those cases, I took them back to Maya and restructured their geometry using quad draw.

WIP Image
WIP Image

Selective Taste

The pieces were textured using a mix of Arnold materials, ambient occlusion, normal maps, and textures / bump maps painted in MudBox. I experiented with Arnold skin shaders to try and achieve the sub-surface scattering seen in translucent fish flesh. I learned that SketchFab does not play nice with Arnold materials and will be working to develop my skills in baking textures.

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