Started out working on the organic flow of the mouse in Z-brush, to get the curved shape blocked in.

Mice WIP Image
Mice WIP Image


Brought the .obj into Maya to use the quad draw tool in order to clean up my geometry.


Unwrapped UVs in Maya and then used MudBox to rough in scale and color points. Hand-painted bump map and three variations of diffuse map in Photoshop.

Mice WIP Image
Finished Trio Mice

The Trio

I wanted to show a solid color mouse (watermelon mouse), a slightly more complex themed mouse (bee mouse), and then a more visually complex themed mouse (fish mouse). I three-point lit the shot and then ran render passes through Arnold and the Maya renderer.

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Sketchfab 3D Embed (View on Desktop Please)

Mauz-bee by timmadoodle on Sketchfab

Mauz-koi by timmadoodle on Sketchfab

Mauz-melon by timmadoodle on Sketchfab

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