Sketchum up!

This page is a collection of static and animated sprites, through which I am exploring various styles.

This first animation loop is a vector based walk cycle. I took my rough sketches from my hardcopy doodle into Adobe Illustrator to create the vector "parts".

Walking Gif

Puppet Master

From there I took the parts sheet into After Effects, puppet rigged it and animated the walk cycle.

Tangerine Timmy

This piece is the first thing I have ever made in Aseprite, a pixel-art focused animation program.

The orange-headed figure is how I kept track of the different body parts, with no real details at first to establish the flow.

Then I did a value pass to get details in, followed by a color pass, as seen on the image to the right.

Below, you can see some of the animated sprites in action.

Caster Idle Gif

Toil & Trouble

After getting more comfortable in Aseprite, I wanted to try for something more complex. I wanted to put together a group of classic RPG characters, starting with a caster. My original idea included a tail but I had wanted to keep the animation to under ten frames, which caused the tail to swing too fast and distract from the main movement of the hand casting.

I did away with the tail and focused on the hand motion, then added in some secondary movement to carry the motion through his body.

Static Characters

Once I had the caster done, I worked on designing the rest of the characters to feel like they were part of the same world. I also wanted to challenge myself by restricting this project to 24 hours. So I animated one character and did the rest of the set as static images.

Running Dog

Heckin' Good Boy

I hadn't done a quadruped yet!
Since I have two dogs, I really wanted to try animating one of them running. It's usually pretty easy to find a run cycle reference on Google, but I have Chow Chows and they have "stilted" back legs, so their gait isn't normal.

I used a mix of online references and photos of my dogs mid-stride while they run, to get the pendulum hop of the Chow Chow run down in an under 10 frame loop.

Below you can see some process iterations, from headless flailing to tail variations.

Animated & Static Sprites

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