We came up with the prompt together as a class, which was "Medieval Cyber Punk". As part of that discussion we joked about a recent episode of Rick & Morty which hinged around a discontinued Szechwan dipping sauce and how they used to sell pizza.

Samurai Cat Full Image
Close up of the Samurai Cat

Inspired by 90's Pop Culture

Instead of going the route of Western Knights and armor, I pursued a mixed Asian influence and my love of the old anime, Samurai Pizza Cats.

My favorite Part:

I was really amused by the idea of the cat riding "food". The pig has prosthetic legs because someone's already had a taste. He's very motivated to be fast!

Samurai Cat Mount Close Up
Close up of the Lady


I felt that this was a very iconic accessory in cyber-punk fashion and that it was a good way to show off feminine hair on an anthropomorphic character.

Populating this World

I wanted to have some loosely defined characters in the background to further support the "animal-world" concept.

Background Characters Close Up
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