Fantasy Staves

We were given an assignment to come up with a character prop. Since it was open ended beyond the base instructions, I decided to do my fantasy weapon of choice.

Samurai Cat Full Image
Close up of the Samurai Cat

All Directions

I started with a wide range of staves. Chinese New Year inspired, Nature Inspired, Moroccan Lanterns, Ghoulish Staves, Paper Lanterns, and Sea Creatures.

Quick n' Dirty

Early iterations were kept loose with little focus on coloring in the lines. I just wanted a sense of the shapes and possible colors.

Samurai Cat Mount Close Up
Close up of the Lady

Inspired by Traditional Symbolism

Some of the staves that I explored were based off traditional symbolism from different cultures.


I was really fascinated by the concept of how light could emit from the staves and started exploring different forms of lanterns.

Background Characters Close Up
Close up of the Lady

Dabbling with religious symbolism

Given that a lot of the characters that use staves are clerics, I did some exploration of staves inspired by religious symbolism in different cultures.

The other side

Aside from clerics, other characters that use staves are like necromancers and wizards. I wanted to make sure that I explored the darker side of magic and play with some ghoulish influences.

Background Characters Close Up
Close up of the Lady

Suddenly, Squids!

After exploring all sorts of different variations, I toyed with an old love and was inspired by the Lovecraftian influence.

Color Variations

I really enjoyed the organic shapes of the cephalopods. When exploring the color variations I used texture samplings that I made from squid and octopus skin, as well as woven gold and leather work.

Background Characters Close Up
Close up of the Lady

Seeing it in action

Once the staff design was decided upon, I wanted to "see it in action" and did a quick sketch of what it would it could look like in use.

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